Allstate mayhem commercial – Teenage Girl in Pink Truck

This Allstate commercial features Dean Winters as a Teenage Girl driving a pink truck in a parking lot. As Mayhem drives the truck she is getting a text message from her BFF becky. Becky says she kissed Johnny. Thats a problem because Mayhem likes Johnny. Now shes emotionally compromised and causes an accident. She’s all OMG, Becky’s not even hot, and if you’ve got cut-rate insurance you can be paying for that yourself. So get Allstate, you can save money and be better protected from Mayhem like him.

This commercial is awesome! I would recommend it to others and watch it again. Dean Winters is great in his role as Mayhem. This commercial is hilarious, it puts into perspective the dangers of teenage driving. Mayhem gets a text message that sends him over the edge when BFF becky kisses Johnny. I couldn’t stop laughing. Then the commercial ends with Mayhem saying if you have cut-rate insurance you could be paying for that damage yourself, so switch to Allstate. That is the punchline of the commercial and it makes a lot of sense after seeing what Mayhem can do in an everyday parking lot.
Allstate has a very good theme happening here with Mayhem and this commercial is a real winner.

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