Artist Review: Fireflight

Fireflight is a Christian Rock band that has a very similar sound as Paramore, but are just a bit heavier. Fireflight was signed to Flicker Records in 2006 and formed in Orlando, Florida. The lead vocalist is a female, as well as Paramore, whose name is Dawn Richardson. They aren’t very well known, but their sound is very in sync and creative. Some of their most popular songs include: Unbreakable, For Those Who Wait, Stay Close, and Stand Up, which happens to be my favorite song by them. In Stand Up, the main message is that many of us are broken for some reason or another, so you aren’t alone in your fight to picking up the pieces. I think it’s a great song and an inspiring message because everyone is broken or hurt sometimes, so you definitely are not alone. Overall, they are a great band so you should definitely listen!

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