Bear Grylls Degree Commercial (Wolves)

This commercial features Bear Grylls from the show ‘Man vs. Wild’ on the Discovery Channel. We watch as Bear gives us some survival facts for everyday life. He says that survival is all about staying power, so who’s antiperspirant will make them the last man standing. He gives some more facts about degree antiperspirant and then unleashes a pack of wolves on some men wearing Degree and meat ponchos. While they run for their lives Bear is explaining how sweat is like tasty gravy to a hungry wolf. Bear confirms that the man is dry at the end of the commercial. Bear is an amazing survivor, I like his show and all of his facts are pretty amazing to learn about. This is a really funny commercial, the meat ponchos are over the top. Then when Bear releases a pack of wolves on the guys it gets even funnier. But still Bear’s narration keeps the commercial serious and he does
a good job of focusing in on the drying power of Degree’s  antiperspirant. Even though this commercial is funny, it also has an intensity that is professionally branding Degree’s products. Bear is really relatable and successfully integrating the theme of his show with Degree  antiperspirant makes this commercial really work.

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