2011 Ford F-150 Ad

This commercial features the voice of Denis Leary. The Ford F-150 Commercial shows you the things that you want in a pickup. It says you don’t need a bunch of doughnut eaters in a focus group to tell you what you need in a truck. The engineers at Ford have cranked out a whole new line of Engines for the new 2011 Ford F-150 to give you the most torque, most towing, most horsepower, most payload, and best fuel economy. Ford ends with the tagline: This is the future, this is the new F-150. Built Ford Tough. This commercial is very aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It shows a lot of different images relating to what Denis Leary is saying about the Ford truck as he says it. A box of doughnuts shows up when he is talking about the doughnut eating focus group and a wrestler grapples a gas pump to emphasize the great fuel economy that the truck gets. I like the transitions and flow of this commercial. It sells the Ford F-150 truck well and Denis Leary is a great narrator who convinces the viewer that they need to buy this truck! Great commercial and I would watch it over and over.

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