Elmer Fudd GEICO Commercial

Could switching to Geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? Does Elmer Fudd have trouble with the letter R? Shh be very quiet, I’m hunting wabbits! Again, I love Elmer Fudd. GEICO is doing an amazing job with involving these popular cartoon characters in their commercials. The Elmer Fudd hunting bugs bunny cartoon
has so many variations and was one of the most popular episodes that I had watched growing up. Associating GEICO with these familiar lovable characters will definitely help them sell car insurance. This commercial builds on GEICO’s theme. They start with their tagline of saving 15% or more on car insurance, then the question guy transitions the commercial to a funny or familiar skit that makes the tagline stick. Very well done, I wanted to watch this over and over.

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